Psychic Readings

Jared and Richard are both gifted mediums and offer a reading service within the South Wales area.

A Psychic reading is an excellent way for you to seek advice for a wide variety of issues, including

  • Connecting to Loved ones in Spirit
  • Evidence of the Afterlife
  • Life path guidance from spirit 
  • Guidance on Love and Relationships
  • Guidance on your Career
  • Understanding your souls purpose. 
  • Understanding Possible future timelines

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How does it work?

Jared and Richard are spirit mediums, who specialise in communicating with spirit guides and the afterlife, bringing through loved ones in spirit to relay messages about you, your life path and give evidence of the existence of life after death.

Working with people’s loved ones, is always fun, I enjoy the energy and fun that comes through, even if the person is having a hard time. There is always uplift in my readings. JARED

We want you to feel completely at ease when when having your reading by providing an entertaining and enlightening atmosphere filled with fun and wonder.

Throughout the reading we will provide you with validation through information about your own life, your loved ones, and much more that you can take, then will offer guidance to any questions you may have..

The type of validation really depends on the person as no 2 readings are the same. You can choose to work with either Jared or Richard (Jared is based in the Rhondda, whereas Richard is based in Pontypridd) and readings can be done at a time to suit everyone involved.

Readings typically last between 30minutes to an hour depending on the situation

Please feel free to ask questions throughout the reading but remember it is up to us to work with you. So another good rule of thumb is to leave questions until the end of the reading and if you can take something in the reading please say.

We will come to your house, if you book readings for 4 or more people.

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Please use this contact form to let us know any additional information about your booking. You can also call us on 01443 319389.