Phoenix Theatre in South Wales. Paranormal Ghost hunt investigation – Full Documentary

Evil spirit attack and Ghosts caught on Camera at Haunted Theatre in Wales. | PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION | FULL DOCUMENTARY

This Documentary shows the events of a South Wales investigation of a Haunted Theatre in the Rhondda during Halloween 2014. The Phoenix Theatre was defiantly something.

Packed with evidence of spirit communication this video will leave your jaw dropped with breathtaking unbelievable evidence through a live séance, live EVPs Ghost box responses and an actual spirit attack with subsequent spirit cleansing.

The night starts off pretty slow with the team split into two groups, things pick up quite quickly though after a member of our team was attacked by a spirit, leaving a scram on his neck. It didn’t take long for our team member to dispatch the spirit however to clear his energy from the theatre so he was unable to hurt anyone else.


For the other team members though things were far from boring as Richard attempts a scrying experiment and experiences transfiguration caught on camera. Multiple responses are gained through using the psb7 and psb11 Ghost boxes along with several apps such as Echovox.

The conclusion of the night’s events however is what we found the most astounding, which took place during a live séance session. One of the participants managed to speak to a loved one in the spirit world through the session, offering much needed validation and amazing evidence of the afterlife.

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