Personal Paranormal Evenings.

K2 MetreHave you ever wondered what it is like to be part of a Paranormal investigation? Have you ever seen the techniques used on TV and wanted to know for yourself if it is real? Well this may be your opportunity.

Introducing our Personal Paranormal Evenings.

Our new package allows you to get right in with the action and experience the Paranormal for yourself in your own home with Psychic Mediums and veteran Paranormal investigators Richard Oliver and Jared Walters. The nights session will allow you to safely attempt spirit communication and provide validation as to the existence of the Paranormal, allowing you to have an experience for yourself.

The night’s session will include the following.

  • A small 10 minute spirit reading for everyone in attendance.
  • Brief meditation and lesson in grounding and protecting
  • A demonstration of ghost hunting equipment such as PSB7 Ghost Box, EMF communication and a range of apps
  • A demonstration of Paranormal investigation techniques including a live Seance.

The nights activities will focus on positive spiritual connections around you, and is designed to be both inspiring and empowering. If you are having ongoing Paranormal activity in your home please use our contact us page to arrange an investigation.


This night is purely for entertainment purposes and we do not advise you try these techniques on your own.


The sessions will last up to 4 hours depending on the number of people in attendance, to see us in action check out the video links.

To book a session with us please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Prices are as follows.

Minimum £150 (£30 per person with a group of 5 people)

Maximum £240 (£30 per person with a group of 8 people).

We expect demand to be very high for this service judging by the many requests we have had for it. Please remember if you are