Paranormal Now is happy to work with a range of venues, people, communities and organisations across South Wales and further afield to put on a range of events. Check the list below to see any upcoming events.

More information coming soon.

Below are the types of events we can offer.

The Now Experience.

Previously called “Voices from the Spirit World” the Now Experience is a unique event that can be adapted to suit both small and large venues.

The event usually comprises of three parts, the first being a demonstration of Clairvoyance followed by a group meditation, the second being a demonstration of Paranormal investigation techniques and the third being a demonstration of the different applications and equipment we use.

How can the Now experience benefit my Venue.

Apart from the potential financial benefit of working with us, we can also produce a video of an investigation of your venue that will be shown across our social media channels, allowing for extra promotion. An example of this can be found below.

You can find out more about our Now Experience events by downloading our press pack below.

NOTE | though some of the names in the press pack are outdated, the events and people involved are exactly the same. The only difference is that we have decided to bring these events under the banner of Paranormal Now, and update the event name.

Take a look at some videos from one of our previous events here.

Clairvoyant evenings.

Two members of our team are very gifted mediums and have experiences putting on Clairvoyant evenings in a range of venues across Wales for groups up to 200 people.

Our evenings are normally in 2 45 minute halves and will comprise of 1 or 2 mediums.

We also work with a Psychic artist who can potentially be available for events on request.

press pack


Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge about a range of subjects across the field of the Paranormal, and are able to give talks on a range of topics, from spirituality, to paranormal events, to UFOlogy and much more.. If you are hosting a conference or other such event and would like us to come along and give a talk then please let us know.

Some examples of our talks can be found below.