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Are you having experience of paranormal activity in your home, your business, or around you? If so then you have come to the right place.

The Paranormal encompasses a wide range of activity and is not just limited to Ghosts, and spirits, this is why we are open to helping those having any experience of the Paranormal, and will do our best to help you…

Investigation Process.

  • First of all, we come into any investigation process working with an experience from the point of view that they have had an experience. There is no judgement as to what the experience is, so there is no need to worry that we will not believe you. Our team has had first hand experience of the Paranormal, and for many the reason we do this is because we know what it is like first hand to have an experience we cannot explain by any conventional means.
  • You can contact us by phone, through the website, youtube channel or Facebook page.
  • If contact is written we will arrange a time to call you and discuss the activity.
  • The call will normally be with either Richard of Jared, both are very capable mediums, if they pic something up over the phone, they will tell you, and offer some guidance as what you can do.

One of the things we may ask you to do, is document any evidence of your experiences, the reason for this is twofold, firstly it is empowering for you, as you are doing something about the activity that your experiencing, secondly you would be amazed as to how much information this can give us before coming to an investigation.

  • A date can be arranged during the phone call, at which point, other team members are only given the place and time. With no additional details, this is so none of the other mediums on the team have any prior knowledge that could invalidate what they pick up psychically.
  • On investigations, we normally ask that we be allowed to document any evidence through the use of video and audio equipment, for later publication on our website. The idea behind this, is that the evidence can be used to help others experiencing activity. Throughout this process, we always ask your permission and will show you the final piece before release if needs be. If you do not wish us to show the evidence, please just let us know, and we will keep all evidence for our records only…
  • When arriving, we usually have an in depth talk with you, and anyone who is effected by the activity, to better understand what has been happening, this allows us to better advise you as to what to do next, but also allows us to collate as much helpful information as possible. This discussion may go in depth into, what time your experiencing activity, is there someone in the house more affected than others etc. We will also ask one of our other mediums what they can pick up so they can validate the evidence given to you on the initial call.
  • We will then investigate the case for you. If it is a haunting, we will attempt to establish contact with the spirits to find out what they want… On many occasions, you will find that the activity is a cry for help and can be easily sorted.
  • After the investigation we will then work on a solution with you. In the case of a haunting, we will cleanse the house, and teach you some techniques you can use yourself, when experiencing activity. If it is another type of phenomena, we will work with you to find the best solution.
  • After the investigation, we will contact you, to ensure that everything is back to normal, or help you if you need continued support. Many of our team are willing to offer aftercare services free of charge.
  • Please understand that this service is provided mostly free of charge, and no profits are taken by the investigation team under any circumstances, this service is offered from the free time of the investigation team and therefore though we will offer our help, we ask that you be patient when contacting us.


Our investigations of private residences in the South Wales area are normally free of charge, in some cases we will ask for a small contribution towards fuel costs.

Investigations of Business venues may incur a small charge, depending on the circumstances and work involved. We are also happy to work with venues to organise events, so if you are interested in this check out our events page.

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  1. Hi. I just wanted some advice off you if possible. as i have been having trouble in my home since 2011, can you give me an email address to contact you please,many thanks Ashleigh

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