E.T. Contact and Messages from the Spirit World point to profound insights into Revelations Prophecy


We Are fascinated with prophecy, the end times, the second coming, the great awakening, Nostradamus, the list goes on, and there are few who can say they are generally not intrigued by the idea that our future can be foreseen or foretold. Even if the prophecy is surrounding a religion we might not necessarily believe in, it is still something that fascinates us.

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Amazing video of Strange Crop Circle at Battlesbury Hill near Warminster will blow your mind.

Crop Circle

This brilliant drone footage shows some amazing angles of a crop circle that appeared in Battlesbury Hill near Wiltshire on the 5th of July 2017 –

The images – first reported on a website called Crop Circle Connector show a stunning formation of interlocking circles, which have been seen in other countries in western Europe over the past few years.

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Mandela Effect Paranormal Experiment Part 1 – Cern not responsible! Ascension of human consciousness is!

On the 26th of June 2017 we attempted the fourth of our live Paranormal experiments to see if we could get some answers to the Mandela Effect, an unexplained phenomena that has been taking the world by storm since 2015. The idea was to see what responses we would get, and if they would shed any light as to what is causing the phenomena and why it was effecting so many people.

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Phoenix Theatre in South Wales. Paranormal Ghost hunt investigation – Full Documentary

Phoenix Theatre

Evil spirit attack and Ghosts caught on Camera at Haunted Theatre in Wales. | PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION | FULL DOCUMENTARY

This Documentary shows the events of a South Wales investigation of a Haunted Theatre in the Rhondda during Halloween 2014. The Phoenix Theatre was defiantly something.

Packed with evidence of spirit communication this video will leave your jaw dropped with breathtaking unbelievable evidence through a live séance, live EVPs Ghost box responses and an actual spirit attack with subsequent spirit cleansing.

The night starts off pretty slow with the team split into two groups, things pick up quite quickly though after a member of our team was attacked by a spirit, leaving a scram on his neck. It didn’t take long for our team member to dispatch the spirit however to clear his energy from the theatre so he was unable to hurt anyone else.


For the other team members though things were far from boring as Richard attempts a scrying experiment and experiences transfiguration caught on camera. Multiple responses are gained through using the psb7 and psb11 Ghost boxes along with several apps such as Echovox.

The conclusion of the night’s events however is what we found the most astounding, which took place during a live séance session. One of the participants managed to speak to a loved one in the spirit world through the session, offering much needed validation and amazing evidence of the afterlife.

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Psychic abilities are not sacred. They are abilities that allow you to experience amazing things. CIA scientist speaks in banned ted talk.


In this Banned Ted Talk Russell Targ gives his experiences of working in a SRI a company that offered remote viewing and psychic services to such agencies as the CIA, Police and NASA.

In this highly engaging talk, Targ gives evidence of how he along with 2 other psychics helped generate considerable leads in several police enquiries back in the 1970s including providing the precise location of vehicles, people etc. For The CIA they would remote view weapons testing facilities in other countries. Describing that we live in a universe where space and time are not dependent on location, and you can experience something through remote viewing just as you are experiencing it in real life.


Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Have you had an experience of remote viewing, if so we would love to hear your story.

Is my house haunted – If so what do I do?

So perhaps you have moved into your brand new home only to find that there are cold spots in the cellar or there are footsteps walking around upstairs without anyone being there. You feel like you are being watched, and things have been moving around like a scene out of the poltergeist movie, but without some real tell tail signs, how do you know if your house has an unwelcome guest or is it just your overactive imagination playing tricks on you again. Well here are six things you can do to determine if your house is haunted.

1 Discount the Normal

Debunking has to be the first thing that you do when you suspect that something is up. Now I am not saying that you have to go all Richard Dawkins checking everything in tthe house, then realising your hallucinating, get yourself down to the nearest psychiatrist and find yourself on medication for the rest of your life. Neither am  I suggesting that your experiences are the cause of a demon hell spawn that is going to eat you from the inside out, so recommend paint your walls with salt water and decorate to ceiling with raw onions, but there has to be a healthy balance between the two, a way for you to determine if there is actually activity, understand the patterns, and not to wonder if activity is occurring that your going mad or insane. In the event when you do have an unwelcome guest in your home, don’t jump conclusions there. Most spirits are simply trying to send a message, so though something may appear scary, the intention behind it probably isn’t…. Yes there are cases where the unthinkable does happen but lets get to that later shall we…

First of all find out if there are any probably causes for what you are experiencing, if you are hearing strange noises, ask yourself, if something different has changed in your house that has caused the noise or disturbance. Often people can create things from their own fear, so looking for probably causes can be empowering. Depending on the activity your having The rule of thumb here is the more evidence that something is going on, the more chance something probably is.

2) Document everything.

Now when I talk about documenting everything, I am not suggesting that you get your friends round one evening with a Ouija board and a ghost box, try and talk to the spirit, light a few candles in the dark and ask out “is there anybody there?” That is a sure fire way to get activity in the home. But nearly all of us have these wonderful things called smart phones, so find out when the activity is taking place, take pictures, use sound recording apps, keep them running over night for example and look through them the next day.  If you find something great, if not don’t worry, the art of documenting the activity is what we are trying to get at here, the point is to empower you.

3) Talk to people.

So the good thing is we are not living in the 1980s anymore, with more and more people becoming open to the paranormal, people are more willing to talk and there are groups out there that really do want to help. Some will charge a small fee, some will not, depending on the group your speaking to. This has really no baring on their ability to help, we work on an exchange basis, of doing our investigations for free but ask that we be allowed to document any activity in order to help others.

Other investigators I know do charge for fuel, and maybe enough to cover a bag of chips on the way home, as being out late becomes part of the job.

One thing I will avoid is people who charge extortionate amounts of money for a blessing on a house, there are groups out there that will try their luck on asking for hundreds of pounds for their very minimal efforts, avoid these like the plague unless they can REALLY DEMONSTRATE THEIR WORK.

4) Research

Once again remain level headed but forewarned is forearmed,  remember that the internet is a minefield of information, where one can be drawn into an infinite pit of despair by going down the rabbit hole in the wrong direction, but there are good things too. Find people that are putting things out on social media that are helpful. Again referencing point 3, talk to others and ask them if there is anything you can look up until they come out.

One good rule of thumb is to look at ways of protecting yourself spiritually there is a good example of a protection meditation here.

5) Raise the vibration of the house.

People are haunted more than place, and more times than not if there is a spook at your home then it is trying to communicate with you, if it is anything negative then one thing that you can do is heighten the vibration of the house. Music is really good for this, having music on in the background when you are feeling down or depressed can help to heighten the mood, anything that smells good, also works well, things such as essential oils, sage etc work amazingly. Having crystals around the house is also a fantastic way to bring the house back to normal levels.


Even if you wake up one morning to find you have scratches on your arm, it still does not mean that the legions of hell are descending in on the house, or your house is the next Amityville. This can be a sign of spirit activity yes, but children also scram to get attention. Think of it from the spirits point of view, if you were trapped in a place and you could see someone that acknowledges you when you try to get their attention what are you going to do? Your going to shout louder are you not?

Even if the case is true that something inherently evil is descending on your house, then remember that anything negative in the spirit world only has the power in which you give it. So don’t feed it. You have the strength, if something is causing issues then this fact can really make all the difference.

If you are experiencing issues with your home or business please get in touch and we will be happy to provide any assistance we can.

Have you seen this spirit spotted in Wales and around the UK? Ongoing Paranormal investigation!

Have you seen this spirit

Though he appears in other guises, this spirit most commonly presents himself in a distinctly Victorian or Tudor dress, sometimes accompanied by a horse and card and has been linked to UFOlogy, Mythology and Paranormal activity.

Throughout our five years of documented investigations we have received over 20 individual reports of this spirit, and have even seen him ourselves on several occasions, sometimes as an observer, others, offering a warning, the range of reports of activity to which he is connected is startling to say the least.

Personal sightings

At least four members of the Paranormal Now Investigation team have witnessed this spirit, here are their accounts in full.

I didn’t think anything of it for the longest time until he tried to get my attention recently, but both myself and Sam have seen him on a number of notable occasions, when giving readings. We thought he was connected to our client in some way, but when there was no validation forthcoming and he appeared more and more frequently we started to question who he was… Recently he appeared in our bedroom, and I politely asked him to leave, later that night around 3.30 I awoke to go to the toilet and he appeared again, this time urging me to listen to him and investigate further. Jared Walters.

I seen him during a public investigation I was doing back in 2013, there was a path that the team and I were going to go down and he appeared as if warning us not to go any further. We later came to realise that this particular path would not have been safe. Richard Oliver.

He has appeared in my house a few times just standing and observing – he just looks lost to me but feel he means no harm. Another team member.

When factoring in other reports however the activity of this gentleman becomes even stranger.

Connection to Alien Abduction Phenomena?

depiction of Alien AbductionSome of the more interesting reports we have received over the years have been consistent with reports of Alien Abduction phenomena, and though some of these reports cannot be substantiated by any normal means the similarities are quite startling.

Reports of experiencing missing time, strange dreams and memories surfacing, continuous awakening at 3.33am along with the appearance of this gentleman have been reported by multiple witnesses over a ten year period (though Paranormal Now and Paranormal Wales). Some have even reported spontaneous remission of illness after the experience. We are actively seeking more reports associated with this phenomena to further understand if this is the same entity that coincides with our other sightings

The Hat Man and Shadow people.

When asking for further information through our social networking outlets, a lot of our feedback led to a possible association with the Hat man and Shadow people, though this is very similar, we are unsure whether this is part of the same phenomena at this time.

The Hat man, or more commonly known as Slender Man (associated with the video game of the same name) is a popular European myth originating out of Austria and Germany. He appears as an observer, always dressed in a black suit, wearing a top hat, bald with pale skin.

Depiction of the Hat ManEncounters with this entity (again found online and through direct experience) can be observed psychically, as an apparition and even physically solid. Witnesses to this phenomena report anything from feeling intense dread to full on fear when coming into contact with the Hat man, yet this is not consistent with this Victorian Gentleman, though initially accompanied by such feelings they quickly subside.

Another difference is direct interaction, this Victorian spirit will interact with those who see him on some level, mostly through means of telepathic communication. Another difference is that to some, encounters with this man will continue, to the point of a working relationship being built, as if in order to accomplish a goal or agenda.

Interaction with this Spirit.

From the 20 or so reports we have encountered two are quite startling. As they reflect a continued relationship with the spirit, and person of whom he encounters, to the point where a working relationship or friendship has been built. I am not going to give the names in this article, as at this stage wish to protect the identity of our witnesses but here are summaries of these reports.

I have encountered this man on several occasions, normally through psychic vision situated in what looks like an office area, but also he is connected to seminary or religious sites of learning. He often proceeds a period of synchronicity offering clues as to who he is, he is angry but does not want help, it feels that he has a mission to complete, often I receive writings from him, they can be dark but also compassionate. He offered his name as Leevi.

The name Leevi, (or Levi) could be quite significant in the next section when associated with religious texts. The second report offers more information into the origin of this Gentleman.

He is very much associated with religious places, but not in means of churches, and though he has been spotted many times in Wales, he has also been spotted elsewhere, and is by no means Welsh. For me I connected with him during a period of meditation around a year so ago and it felt as if I was looking into his world. This has happened around six times, and only once has he acknowledged my presence, when I asked him who he was, he answered in riddles. To me, it feels like he travels in time as he appears in different guises from the 18oos up until the present day. On my part we have an unspoken understanding. When we have spoke, he has mentioned psychopomp and reminds me of the Welsh myth of Gwyn Ap Nudd.

This connection with mythology is reminiscent of another account of visitations from this entity, summarized below.

This is an archetype spirit that appears in different time frames, appearing to certain personality types including children. I see him as Morpheus the Greek God of dreams. He appears as if in different time frames, including a distinctly Tudor dress.

Is Mythology offering a clue?

From the reports that we have received to date, they tend to factor into three groups, those connected to Paranormal Activity, those connected to UFOlogy and those connected to Mythology.

In the last section we have three connections to Mythology, the name Leevi, the connection to Gwyn Ap Nudd the psychopomp and the depiction of Morpheus. At present not enough information for form a reasonable hypothesis but lets work with what the cases have in common.

The name Levi refers to the bible, and can be translated as meaning “Priest by some scholars, or joining by others. He is the son of Jacob, depicted in Genesis as leader of the Levites. Ultimately Levi and the Levites were cursed by Jacob to wander after the destruction of the city of Shectem, and the slaughter of all the men, in retribution for the rape of Dinah (Wikipedia).

Gwyn ap Nudd is a Brythonic Deity dating back to the iron age, and likely worshipped across Britain as Vindos who occupied the positions of Sirius and Orion astrologically to the ancient Britons. What I find very interesting is during the Christianisation of Britain, God put the spirits of demons into Gwyns person to prevent the worlds destruction. To me, in many ways this sounds like a curse.

I admit that I don’t know as much about Welsh mythology as I should and for my personal interest I am researching further. What I do find startling is the connection between the legends of Gwyn Ap Nudd and Arthurian legend, especially when it comes to the connection to Wales.

In 1986 the BBC six o Clock news ran a report on two amateur historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett who believed they uncovered evidence that King Arthur was actually a welsh king.

Supporting their work was validated by the uncovering of a cross during of a excavation of a church near Bridgend in 1990, inscribed on the cross, written in ancient dialect For the Soul of Arthur.

What is interesting with this connection is the idea that Gwyn Ap Nudd was a Psychopomp, a guide for the souls of soldiers offering them passage to the afterlife.

So what do we make of it?

So where is this all leading, is this a wild goose chase based on numerous but similar reports connected only by the personalities that report the activity. We know that the cases and experiences are real, and the connections are real. To me personally and other members of the investigation team agree that this warrants further investigation, As it has been an ongoing if not somewhat hidden theme in many of our investigations to date.

We have come to realise that when spirit give you something it is for a reason, maybe the connection is between the experiences or as one account suggested, if this is an archetype spirit. A spirit that uses narrative in order to give a message then there is something that he wants us to know. This is not unheard of, as there are many such cases of evidence leading us to a location spanning multiple investigations. We have found this ourselves.

In 2015 an article was published in Take a Break Fate and Fortune, of a case we investigated where a spirit of a young boy haunting a family in one village lead us to his own family in another village. The healer and founder of the quantum healing hypnosis technique Delores Cannon, found that narratives would come through her clients during hypnosis sessions in order to give her a full picture. In her words she would say something that I found to become infamous with the Paranormal, “you don’t give a baby a steak, you drip feed information until it forms a picture, a pattern. We are very interested to see where this leads but to do this we need your help. If you have had an experience with this entity then please let us know.

Our communications will be kept confidential if this is your wish, and you can use the contact form below to offer any information, we are interested to hear from you even if the experience took place outside of Wales, however if you are in the South Wales area and are experiencing ongoing activity in your home and business, check out our investigations page. If you are outside of the South Wales area then we will still provide whatever assistance and advice we can.

CIA Psychic gives history of Mars in remote viewing session. (Via Secureteam10).

Face on Mars
Recently the CIA released it’s CREST database, detailing activity for the last 50 years or so. One document nested in the millions of files you can no find online, has been found which is quite compelling, the document details a remote viewing session, where a psychic was given a set of co-ordinates and a sealed envelope he was not allowed to open and asked to give details on what they saw.
The psychic detailed images of pyramids, a geological disaster and humanoid beings fighting for the survival of their civilisation, until they were transported to a new area. Unaware of the reason for the session the psychic was then informed that the co-ordinates he was given were on Mars and not on Earth as one would assume, what is also compelling, is that you can search these co-ordinates yourself on google sky and see exactly what the psychic saw as detailed in the document.
Check out the full story in the section below from Secureteam10 – you can find the document online through the CIA website which is linked below the video.
To read through the documents yourself visit the below link.

Edgar Cayce Fairies, Angels and Unseen Forces 


Though many believe that fairies and other such nature spirits are confined to the realms of children stories and folklore, many believe these spirits actually exist, in spirit form. Not least of these is the famous psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce, take a look at this video and decide for yourself whether such things really do exist.



Time Traveller Who Spent 2 Years in the Future 2749 Tells All – The Aware

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